When I set up VolksAuto I always aimed to create a magazine that would feature cars from around the world and that would be available to enthusiasts from around the world. Printed magazines have been in decline for many years as the Internet took over so it’s been a struggle from the start, but now things have become even harder.

On 1st July 2021 the EU introduced new VAT and customs rules, where previously there was a VAT exemption on goods under €22, this has now been removed and VAT needs to be charged to the customer at the rate of the destination country (and this varies from country to country) and then paid to the individual authority. The cost of registering for VAT with the EU is prohibitively high for a small independent magazine such as VolksAuto, so unfortunately we have no alternative but to stop sales to the EU.

Update: September 2021

We now understand according to the Royal Mail, that it is possible to continue sending to the EU under a Delivered Duty Unpaid method, where the customer may be asked to pay the VAT on the package on delivery at the rate set by the destination country. Whereas we understand that this is not the most convenient method for the buyer in the EU, it does mean that we can at least continue to send the the EU. We will continue to monitor the situation and if another method becomes viable we will of course try to offer it.

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