About Us

There have been a few attempts at a stock/vintage VW magazine in the past and they have not been too successful. Maybe there just isn’t the market for it?

We introduced VolksAuto magazine in July 2020 and the response was very positive, so we are continuing to plough our own furrow. VolksAuto is a magazine for the vintage VW fan who likes their VW’s old, rare and stock, with a little bit of period correct thrown in too. It’s not a big thick magazine full of adverts, its a case of quality over quantity, trying to create something special that people will want to hold onto and collect.

VolksAuto is not just about Beetles, Coachbuilt VW’s such the Karmann Ghia, Rometsch, Dannenhauer & Stauss and others will all be covered, as well as the VW bus in all it’s many guises too.