VolksAuto is a magazine for the VW enthusiast who likes their cars old and stock. Our mission is to promote the vintage side of the hobby, where our cars aren't lowered and our wheels are original.

If you like crossply tyres, 6v electrics, period correct accessories and are not afraid of speed bumps, then VolksAuto is your magazine.

VolksAuto 01 is a quality 28 page collectable magazine, perfect bound (no staples), 115gsm matt printed pages with a 250gsm cover, available to buy now.

UK Single Issue

£7.99 + £2.50 P&P. 

European Single Issue

£7.99 + £5.70 P&P

International Single Issue

£7.99 + £9.00 P&P

Issue 01

Read the full story on this beautiful 1946 Beetle

The original vintage meeting held in Germany every 4 years

Read about the convertible car makers early VW days

The split screen van club meeting down on the sea front