The humble little peoples car was once a common sight on our roads, used for commuting to work, going on holiday or popping to the shops. But in the last 30 years the car has made a transformation from a cheap utilitarian vehicle into a highly collectible classic car. VolksAuto is the new magazine for the VW enthusiast who likes their cars old and either original or period correct. 

To the uninitiated, all Beetles tend to look the same - but they are far from all the same, from the early utilitarian Kdf wagen through to luxurious Karmann and Hebmuller convertibles and onto the  chrome adorned Ovals and Big Windows of the 50's and 60's and beyond.

But VolksAuto is not just about Beetles, Coachbuilt VW's such the Karmann Ghia, Rometsch, Dannenhauer & Stauss and others will all be covered, as well as the VW bus in all it's many guises too.